Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips For Fixing Brother Sewing Machines

Have you ever used  a brother sewing machine?

These sewing machines  are known  for being the easiest to use sewing machines in the world. Unlike many of their competitors, these machines offer great features while being highly  convenient to  use and easy to learn.

Two groups  of sewing machines are made by the Japanese Brother International company. The Brother(R) brand is used for the low end line , and the Brother Pacesetter(R) brand is used for the mid to high end group . The company also  produces  machines for Tacony Corporation to their specifications and with their quality control coordination. This line  of machines is sold under the Baby Lock(R) brand name.

Where can  customers buy  these sewing machines?

Walmart, Kmart, and other mass merchandisers  market  the low end group . These sewing machines can also be purchased over the internet. The better  series of machines are only available through the authorized dealer network.

How do you decide which sewing machine to get when there are so many options? My mother had a Singer and my mother-in-law has a Viking. There are so many choices . Some are better than others. Some offer features unavailable on others.  Adding features like machine embroidery can add huge value and require the use of professionally created embroidery designs.

The ease of use and the  capabilities of the sewing machine far exceeds those of other sewing machines.

When you consider buying a new sewing machine or need to deal with one you already have, there are some important consideration over customer service ,  product training , and service .

Even these fine machines require periodic   maintenance . Lint, dirt, and debris collect inside the machine when it is used. Problems do happen. Lubricants dry out and decay. Things break.

You will love your machine. Keep in mind they require highly skilled and specialized technical taining and skills for proper sewing machine repair. The subtle complexities make it difficult for the ordinary  handyman  to do a proper job of servicing. Therefore,  maintenance  are not something you want to leave to just anyone. Demand a fully certified technician, and check out their experience and reputation.

The only place to find repair services is with an independent sewing machine technician, at an authorized dealer, or a regional service center. Check your  local phone directory .

You will find mid to high end sewing machines sold and serviced at your local authorized dealer. Over six hundred independent dealers serve the United States, mostly from larger cities. They can also be serviced at regional service centers. Mass merchandisers, department stores, and internet sites sell low end machines, but do not provide service or support. These are offered through the local or regional group.

If you live in an area where no local service centers are available, you can package your sewing machine. Ship it to a regional repair center. Here certified technicians provide you the skilled technical fixes  you want and need. Unfortunately, this choice  does get expensive and often takes longer than your local shop when available.

How can I do my own fixing ?

You can learn to  repair sewing machines your self. To do so you will need three things. First, you will need a good general sewing machine repair knowledge. Second, you will need access to parts. Third, you will need technical support. A professional tehnician can also  assist you when you get in over your head.

To learn service, you will need to learn the general skills of sewing machine  repair . You can do this through courses, books, and videos. You may be able to take an introductory class at a local dealership. Buy you can repair sewing machines yourself when you know how.

As a consumer, you would purchase any repair parts directly from your retail dealership or corporate store. If you became an authorized dealer yourself, you could then purchase at wholesale.

If you are interested in owning your own dealership, contact the company to see in your area is available. Brother does maintain restrictive territories for each of its dealers. You will be required to submit a detailed business plan, purchase the dealership for around $40,000, and complete their new dealer training program.

Finally, to maintenance  machines yourself, you will need expert assistance from a certified technician. Use the technician as a mentor, teacher, and friend; but be ready to pay for his services.

You will need help with diagnosis, complex repairs, and subtle adjustments from time to time.
Explore more about servicing your sewing machine, check into the extensive training resources for sewing machine repair  and learn to repair sewing machines yourself for fun or profit. Even get your own free beginner users ecourse.

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