Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sewing Machines Repair

If you are reading this post, you are either interested in doing your own sewing machines repair or possibly in a hobby or business.

Sewing Machines Repair is a fun and satisfying hobby, and it can be a great part time or even full time business.

Sewing Machine Repair does require specialized knowledge. This knowledge is easy to learn, and there are loads of supports, resources, and help available. It is however not something you can master in half an hour.

You can get started faster than you may think. A solid week end of reading, studying, plus basic mechanical skills will get you going, but practice always makes perfect.

Some specialize in a single brand or even a limited series of sewing machines.

One fellow specialized in the Singer Featherweight series. He worked on dozens of these machines, but limited himself to this one line of machines. It was a great hobby for him. He had a great time at quilt guild and even enjoyed demonstrating what the machine could do.

Some enjoy doing antique sewing machine repair, and get all excited when they restore an old sewing machine.

Personally, I enjoy working on all types of sewing machines.

If you plan to become a master sewing machine technician, expect it to take at least three to five years of steady work on a variety of models.

Use of sewing machine manuals can make working on unfamiliar models much faster and easier. Some models have specific issues that may not occur on any other sewing machine. If you know which screw to turn, or the recommended procedure; the repair is easy. If you do not have access to reference materials, you may never find the answer.

You need to do three things to learn how to repair sewing machines.

First, get and study a good basic sewing machine repair course. The more comprehensive and the more resources you can get the better.

Second, practice on your own. Repair as many as you can get your hands on - just for fun. Learn by doing.

Third, get help. Find a mentor to help you when you get stuck.

Sewing machines repair is a fun and satisfying hobby, and it can be a great part time or even full time business. To learn more, check out There you will find hundreds of helpful articles, tips, tricks, and even a free users beginner course on Sewing Machine Repair.