Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Major Brands Of Sewing Machines

As a sewing machine repair technician, it is important to be familiar with the home sewing machine market. As a hobbyist, doing your own "diy repair singer sewing machine" or other brand, it may not be quite as important. Yet, understanding what is available can help you feel and conduct yourself more professionally. The more you know the better you will be able to follow sewing machine repair instructions for many different models.

What does a sewing machine cost now? Prices vary from about $75 to over $12,000.

There is a wide range of sewing machines available today. You can get cheap junk, solid mechanicals, electronic, or computerized machines. Like most things in this world, you must pay for value, features, and dependability.

What are the major brands of sewing machines?

Generic sewing machines are machines made by a third party, but sold under the brand label. Among the better known generic brands are Bernette, Dressmaker, Kenmore, Necchi, Simplicity, Wards, and White. Some of these have already faded away, while others continue to generate good sales.

The Baby Lock brand started as an advanced line of home sergers in 1964. It is currently owned by Tacony Corporation in Fenton, Missouri. It has developed into a very popular sewing machine line offering some of the most advanced sewing machines. Baby Lock works with Brother International to produce many of its sewing machines, but continues to make its own premium sergers.

Japans Brother International makes many electronic products including sewing machines. It provides a low end line to mass merchants under the Brother label, and it markets its own high quality line under the Pacesetter By Brother label. In addition to these lines, Brother is well known for providing generic machines to associated brands.

Bernina is considered the Cadillac of the sewing machine industry. The company is fourth generation family owned and operated from Switzerland. Its quality is well known and the brand enjoys one of the highest brand loyalties. It is considered a luxury line of sewing machines. Bernina introduced the hem stitching machine, home zig zag machine, computerized sewing, and the only Microsoft Windows operating system on a sewing machine. Its newest offering is an amazing computerized combination sewing and embroidery machine with over 1,000 stitches, a twelve inch sewing arm, and a $12,000 price tag.

Elna Sewing Machines is somewhat of a step child line. Originally, the Elna line was made in Switzerland, but in recent years financial pressures have hurt production and sales. Recently, Janome purchased the company and is in the process of developing the line as a distinctively feminine styled sewing machine line. Within the near future, Elna will be designed jointly by Swiss and Janome designers, but providing a distinctive Elna machine line.

Husqavarna, also known as Viking, is a company that traces its roots to Sweden. It is an historic line of machines will known for durability and simplicity. Today it is owned by a conglomerate that also owns Singer and Pfaff. It is currently produced in China.

The worlds largest sewing machine manufacturer is Janome of Japan. They have made over 50,000,000 sewing machines. In the United States, it was previously marketed under the New Home brand, but is now marketed as Janome. Their Memory Craft line set a new standard for stitch quality and embroidery control by incorporating advance robotic technologies. It is also well known manufactures of several generic lines.

The German engineered Pfaff sewing machine line is held in high esteem as a true premium quality sewing machine. Originating in Germany, the brand takes its name from Georg Michael Pfaff who made his first machine In 1862. It is currently made in China.

Singer is the number one brand in the world of sewing. It has dominated the market since 1851. More Singers have been sold than any other brand. Today it is produced in China along with the Husqavarna and Pfaff lines. In many ways, the standing it once had has been lost to competitors, but it continues to be a popular brand. Do it yourself or diy repair singer sewing machine, is easy to learn when you have the right sewing machine repair books.