Saturday, July 18, 2009

Three Sewing Machine Repair Enthusiasts

There are essentially three groups of people interested in sewing machine repair: the user, the hobbiest, and the pro.

The user is interested in sewing machine repair because they want to keep their sewing machine operating at peak performance.

Most users will take their machine to a regional or local sewing machine repair service center and trust the technician to fix and maintain their machine. Typically this will cost between $99 and $150 regardless of the age or value of the sewing machine.

Many sewing machine users want diy sewing machine repair. They are the self sufficient, mechanically inclined, do it yourselfers who want to know how to fix and maintain their own sewing machines. For about $40 the do it yourself sewing machine repair enthusiast can purchase sewing machine repair manuals to help them work on their sewing machine.

The sewing machine repair hobbiest is the second group of sewing machine repair enthusiasts. These are tinkerers who pick up old sewing machines at garage sales, auctions, even out of the dumpster just for fun. They take them home, clean them up, and try to get them working again. These hobbiests need much broader resources in terms of manuals and courses to learn the ins and outs of sewing machine repair. They will want a solid general repair course that teaches the secrets of sewing machine repair. Then they will want a course that zeroes in on antique sewing machine repair. They might even want resources for sergers and embroidery machine repair. All of these are available and very helpful for the hobbiest at

Then we have the Pro. These are a special bread of pioneers who boldly master sewing machine repair so they can help others and get paid for doing it. These are the technicians and the small business owners to tackle the thousands of sewing machine makes and models. The resources needed by the Pro are much broader. They include all the sewing machine repair manuals, trainings, and supports; but they also include a broad range of professional and business resources. The independent sewing machine repair technician may even want to pursue certifications. Now these resources are also available.

There are three sewing machine repair enthusiast groups, but they all share a passion for quality sewing machine repair.