Monday, October 26, 2009

What Does It Take To Learn Sewing Machine Repair?

On my website, I offer a free beginner's course in sewing machine repair. It is entitled 7 Steps to Peak Performance For Your Sewing Machine.
The ecourse explains seven vital things every sewing machine user needs to know and understand in order to keep their sewing machine operating properly. I write about needles, threads, fabric, general maintenance, and care of the machine. It is designed for sewing machine users, not as a complete guide on repairing sewing machines. By following these basic lessons, a user can stretch the time between professional services, but more importantly they can keep their machine working hour after hour without problems. The ecourse actually comes from my nine hour beginning sewing machine course that has been taught in sewing machines stores for years at $150.
I have been amazed by the response to this free ecourse.
On one hand, I have received loads of emails from grateful readers.
One wrote, "We finished your 7 Steps about a week ago, and have followed your instructions. Now all four of our sewing machines are working great. You saved us big."
Another wrote, "My wife belongs to a church group where seventeen ladies sew quilts for the local hospital and nursing home. The ladies love to quilt, but their machines break down all the time. I subscribed to your ecourse to get just a little idea of how to take care of these machines. I am amazed at how much free information you gave me. I am no expert yet, but I will tell you every one of the machines is working much better now. Thanks."
Finally, another wrote, "Ok, I'm sold. I got your 7 Steps about three months ago and started following your instructions on my wife's sewing machines. Now I have a dozen of her friends who want me to fix their machines for them. I just ordered you Pro package so I could actually catch up with the details. Thanks."
On the other hand, I have had some really strange responses.
One lady wrote, "This has got to be a scam. Your ecourse does not teach me anything about repairing sewing machines just how to use it."
Anothe wrote, "I am really disappointed. I thought I was getting a book on how to fix my machine that is messing up right now. I still have to take it to a mechanic."
Over the past few years, I have had to thicken my skin because some people just seem to want everything for nothing. The ecourse is free. I don't charge the $150 charged in our stores, and I don't demand anything from the reader. Still, some people cannot be satisfied.
Enough of my whining. If you really want to learn sewing machine repair, I will gladly teach you. I offer a free beginner's course, a basic repair course (Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair), ecourses on Antique Sewing Machines; Sergers, Embroidery Machines, and a Pro package with over 25 ebooks. If you want to learn, check out my website at