Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Generic Sewing Machine Repair

Generic sewing machine repair is simply the repair and maintenance of generic sewing machines. By generic we refer to sewing machine brands that are not actually backed by a brand specific manufacturer.

Major brands are those sewing lines that have enjoyed popularity and distinction, but also have a network of authorized dealers and a manufacturing company that stands behind that brand.

For example, the Singer Company owns and produces Singer Sewing Machines. Bernina is made and sold by Bernina. Brother machines are made and sold by Brother International. Janome is made and sold by Janome. These are major brand lines.

Generic brands include White, Necchi, Dressmaker, Simplicity, and Kenmore. While these may enjoy a degree of popularity as in the case of Kenmore. Sears sells Kenmore, but pays someone else to manufacture the machines. Sears does not manufacture its own sewing machines. White sewing machines have been bought and sold as a brand name repeatedly over the years as have the brand names of Dressmaker and Simplicity. Necchi was originally an Italian brand designed and manufactured in Italy, however, for many many years Allyn International based in Denver has owned the distribution rights to the Necchi line and they have been manufactured wherever.

In the case of the major brands, parts, manuals, and support are usually quite readily available. However, in the case of generic brands this may not be true. The challenge is not so much that parts are not available, it is a matter of figuring out where a particular machine originated to find the original manufacturer. Some models are easier than others. Sears has provided its own service department to keep track of these needs, but many generic machines end up being trashed because no one can find parts.

Generic machines also tend to be low end models rather than high end. They tend to be more limited and less complicated that comparable major brands. One of the hallmarks upon which generics have often been sold is their rugged durability. Necchi, for example, use to claim all metal parts to insure their dependability.

Generic sewing machine repair may cause a technician to rely of after market sources and their network of fellow technicians to provide service for these machines.