Friday, June 27, 2014

Repairing The Singer 6012C

Singer is the number one sewing machine brand of all time.  

Since the patent wars of the 1850's more Singers have been made and sold than any other sewing machine.  Isaac Singer was a canny marketer who watched all the advances made by others, and copied them, improved on them, and marketed them.  

There have been thousands of different models, but during the 1970's and later, Singer began to specialize in full rotary hook sewing machines.  Some models even wound the bobbin in the top loading bobbin carrier.

Singer 6012C is one of many top loading rotary hook sewing machines.  Singer sewing machine repair requires professional training because there is such a wide range of issues and models.
This machines offers straight stitch and zig zag sewing with three preset needle positions and a four step button hole.  This was a very popular sewing machine and thousands are still in use today.  Notice the front mounted bayonet styled upper tension assembly.

The open bottom of the machine reveals a cogged belt to control the rotary hook movement.  This belt often gets worn and needs replacement periodically.  It also shows two bar shafts to control the feed system. 

Notice the gear driving the hook assembly has two set screws on it.  This enables you to adjust the hook position at the gear, but it may also be adjusted at the opposite end of the belt.

 The tensioner shown here keeps the appropriate amount of pressure on the hook drive belt to keep it from slipping.  It should be adjusted so that the tension on the belt flexes just a bit.  The belt should not be overly tight or loose.  Professional sewing machine repair training gives the technician the knowledge and skill to repair sewing machine of all makes and models.

The needle plate has been removed to show the hook assembly.  Note this are must be regularly cleaned.  Place one drop of sewing machine oil on the hook race (the groove on the inside top of the hook assembly)  every few hours of sewing.

The plastic cam allows the machine to create different stitch types.  Note the metal finger the connects to the cam.  This finger rides over bumps and grooves on the cam moving the needle bar accordingly.

Professional sewing machine repair is a highly respected profession serving millions of passionate sewers, quilters, and embroiderers.   Learn how to repair sewing machines for fun or profit at Fix Sewing Machines Institute.  For details check out