Friday, April 3, 2015

Brother VX Repair

Repair Your Brother VX
Sewing Machine

The Brother VX series is a popular line of low end sewing machines. 
It may be purchased through big box stores like Walmart.
This Brother VS 820 is a bit older,
but represents the line pretty well. 
As with most sewing machines, the major problem is maintaining it.
If the machine sits in a closet for a year, it should be serviced prior to use.
If it is used ten hours a week, it may need service more often.
The key element is to remember that the lubricants and moving parts
are exposed to whatever is in the air: moisture, dust, sun, dirt, lint, etc.
The lubricants dry out over time and become sticky and eventually
harden into a crusty material. 
These old lubricants and all debris must be removed.
Thorough cleaning is essential.
Then re-lubricate.
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Sewing machines either use an oscillating hook assembly like this one,
or a rotary hook assembly like most top loading sewing machines.

Needle bar adjustment is always a concern, but the
adjustments are very similar from one machine to another.