Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learn Sewing Machine Repair By Practicing

Recently, a customer asked me if they could learn how to repair sewing machines by reading a book.

My answers is yes and no.

From ecourses, ebooks, books, manuals, and other resources the reader can greatly short cut the learning curve. Following the step by step instruction provided in courses like My Magnificent Sewing Machine, Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair makes it quick and easy to learn proper procedures for servicing and repairing.

Books, manuals, and other resources are vital for efficiency. Trial and error always takes loads of time. You might eventually get it right, but it is so much faster when you have detailed instructions, drawings, and photos.

On the other hand, reading a book or manual alone will not make your an expert sewing machine repair technician.

Practice is essential. I encourage my students to collect sewing machines from wherever they can. Broken machines, working machines, machines from neighbors and friends to practice on is vital.

When I first started, I bought a bunch of junk sewing machines from an estate sale. I did not care whether they worked or not. I wanted to take them apart and learn how the machines worked.

The more machines you service, the more effective a sewing machine repair technician you will become.

The fastest way to learn sewing machine repair and become an expert is to combine the study of manuals and ecourses with the actual practice disassembling, cleaning, adjusting, repairing as many sewing machines as possible.

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