Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Necchi Sewing Machine Repairs

Necchi sewing machines are classic sewing machines. Originally manufactured in Italy, the Necchi Lydia was one of the most popular selling sewing machines in history.

The classic Italian sewing machine brand known as Necchi is currently manufactured in Asia and marketed in the United States by Allyn International of Denver, Colorado. The line has developed a strong reputation for dependability and longevity.

My first training in sewing machine repair was Necchi Sewing Machine Repair. In 1992, it was my privilege to train at Allyn International, where I learned the basics of sewing machine repair. I deeply appreciated the willingness of Allyn International and the Necchi National Sewing Machine Repair Center to provide this training. This provided a solid foundation to master sewing machine repair across many brands of sewing machines.

Sewing machine repair skills with Necchi machines, easily transfer to working on other brands. The solid classic Necchi designs are very similar to other mechanical and mid line sewing machines.

When a person becomes an authorized dealer for Necchi sewing machines, they receive strong support and certification from Allyn International to represent and service machines.

The basis of all sewing machine service is the full service. The goal of the full service is to eliminate the causes of problems and fine tune the sewing machine to operate as close to new as possible. The primary cause of sewing machine failure is the collection of lint, dirt, debris, and crystallized lubricants. The full service sets out to thoroughly clean away those sources of problem while refurbishing the machine with fresh lubrication and readjustments.

Customers often seek quick fixes to reduce their costs of service, but are usually dissatisfied with the results. Many technicians willingly perform quick fixes, when a machine is broken or failing to perform as it should. They do so aware that the quick fix machine will probably be returned for additional service within a very short period of time. Most technicians refuse to warranty quick fix services because the underlying cause of failure has not been addressed. The clean and oil are usually warranted thirty to sixty days.

A clean and oil begins when the technician receives the machine from the customer. The customers concerns are indicators for diagnostics. Then he does an external inspection. He turns the hand wheel. He performs a test sewing of straight, zig zag, and stretch stitches. He looks for problems and potential ones.

The technician then removes the covers to begin working on the sewing machine.
It is vital to make the sewing machine clean inside and out. The user needs to keep it that way. Old grease and oils dry out, crystallize, and harden. All the lint, debris, old grease, and gunk must be completely taken out.

Use pure clean sewing machine oil to lubricate clean metal to metal contacts. Use Triflow to lubricate plastic parts. Use gear grease on older metal gears along their teeth.
Mechanical sewing machines require frequent removal of old oils and grease and fresh application of lubrication. Metal to metal contacts will bind if the lubricant gets old and crystallized. Keeping lubricants fresh keeps the sewing machine operating smoothly.

The simple classic designs of the Necchi sewing machine make it one of the easiest sewing machines to repair and service. Most sewing machine shops will provide service, but only authorized dealers have ready access to Necchi parts except through after market sources.

Learning to do your own Necchi sewing machine repair is fairly quick and easy. Allyn International is very helpful in providing new dealers with excellent support. A basic sewing machine repair course will help you learn the fundamentals to effectively service Necchi sewing machines. Sewing machine repair instructions and Sewing machine repair manuals make it very easy to do repair. In an emergency, you can always ship a sewing machine to Allyn International for their national service center to perform repairs for your. While this can be costly, it does give significant assurance to the beginning sewing machine technician or user.