Monday, November 23, 2009

The Professional Sewing Machine Technician

The professional sewing machine repair technician is a rare and vital key to the world of sewing and quilting.

Today there are millions and millions of sewing machines in use here in the United States and across the world. These tools of creative expression may be used occasionally for emergency clothing repair or they may be used as vital tools of industry.

It is estimated that a new sewing machine is sold at the rate of 3 per 100 people. Another way to describe this is to say that 3% of the population buys a new sewing machine each year. That is a bunch of new sewing machines.

Notice, however, the sewing machine was introduced in 1846 a little over 150 years ago. Now, just try to imagine how many sewing machines have been made, sold, and are still in use today. Of course, not every machine is still in use, but I dare say there are millions upon millions.

Now what about those sewing machines? Each and everyone of those great tools of creative expression requires periodic maintenance and repair.

That is where the professional sewing machine technician comes in. Without him the only option is to buy another new one.

Now consider this, here in Central Texas, there are millions of people, but only a handful of capable, well trained, and skilled sewing machine repair technicians. They are few and far between. Why? If there is such a high demand, why are there so few?

One of the reasons why there are so few well trained, skilled, and experienced sewing machine repair technicians is because there is so little training available. If you invest thousands of dollars, you might purchase a sewing machine dealership. The manufacturer then might provide you will a few days of training on their current or most recent machines. There are a few technicians who will allow you to work along side them until you master the skills.

Your other option is to consider training through ecourses, books, and trial and error.

At we provide in depth sewing machine repair training to help you learn sewing machine repair for personal use, a hobby, a service activity, or even to open your own business. Check out the ecourses and begin with the free beginner's or user's course.

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