Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sewing Machine Repair Certification

What if you wanted to open a business doing sewing machine repair?

Would customers automatically trust you?

Would you already have dozens of customers ready for your to fix their sewing machines?

There is a big difference between thinking, "I could do that." Or, "I could make a living doing that." And actually doing it.

When I first started, I did not know anything. My wife was operating a new sewing business from the house doing custom sewing, but all I knew was how to brush out the bobbin area. Then we started getting people calling and asking for sewing machine repair. I thought to my self, maybe I could do that.

So, I searched and searched for someway to learn. I flew to Denver and spent a week learning Necchi machines. I applied to Brother and got some training and certified as a warranty service center. Over the years, I have attended trainings for Singer, Janome, Brother, BabyLock, Bernina, Elna, Viking, and Pfaff. As an independent technician, I completed the course and exam from VDTA and received their certification.

Through the years our company has trained numerous technicians for other dealerships as well as our own. So, about three years ago, I decided to provide a training program for independent sewing machine technicians. It has evolved into a comprehensive training program including serger, embroidery machines, and the business of sewing machine repair.

Now Fix Sewing Machines. Com offers not only comprehensive resources and training, but it also offers sewing machine repair certification. The Fix Sewing Machines Institute provides one on one coaching, email and phone support, as well as workbooks, exams, and practical service work to insure the technician is highly skilled in their trade. Upon graduation, the new technicians receive a beautifully framed certificatication as Sewing Machine Repair Technicians.

If you are interested in pursuing a career or business in sewing machine repair, check out the details at http://www.FixSewingMachines.Com.

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