Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ServicingMy Bernina

Learning how to repair a sewing machine is exciting. You get to see and work on so many different brands of sewing machines. A good sewing macine repair book will teach you the basics, and experience with different brands is fun.

Are you one of those people who desires only the best? Then when it comes to sewing machines, you want only the Bernina. For seventy five years family owned and operated Bernina of Switzerland has set the pace for sewing machine innovation, quality, and performance. The brand maintains the highest customer loyalty in the industry.

Berninas are very special and require highly skilled and specialized technical service. The subtle differences make it difficult for the ordinary sewing machine technician to do a proper job of servicing. Therefore, Bernina Sewing Machine Repair is not something you want to leave to just anyone. Demand a fully certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician, and check out their experience and reputation.

Can we get repair services locally, or do we have to ship a machine to Switzerland?

You can usually find your Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center listed in the yellow pages. Look under sewing machine repair. You might search on Yahoo or Google. Search for sewing machine repair with your zip code. Every authorized dealer will have a certified technician on site to support and service your needs.

Bernina sales, support, and service is available in most larger cities through Berninas network of over six hundred authorized dealers. Also, you will find about twenty five Bernina corporate stores located inside Hancock Fabric Super Stores.

What if there are no local dealers in my area? Bernina maintains a national service center in Aurora, Illinois which can provide support if you ship them your machine. The technicians are top notch, but it can be very expensive. It also takes more time than a local shop would.
You also have the option of doing your own sewing machine repair even on your Bernina.
Yes. You can learn to service your own Bernina sewing machine. To do so you will need three things. First, you will need a good general sewing machine repair knowledge. Second, you will need access to Bernina parts. Third, you will need a local certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician. He can assist you if you get into trouble.

The general sewing machine repair knowledge can be learned. Check out the excellent sewing machine repair course by David Trumble. These courses will enable you to do most of the Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs. This includes standard service, cleaning and oiling, and minor adjustments. Some dealers will offer periodic introductory classes to basic Bernina service as well.

Sewing machine repair parts are available through your local retail dealer or corporate store. Also, parts are available through Bernina of America if you own a Bernina dealership.
Is it possible to open my own Bernina store? Yes. Depending on the availability of territory and your qualifications, it is possible. Berninas requirements are pretty hefty. You must submit and have a detailed business plan approved by Bernina. The dealer purchase price runs about $40,000. The Bernina New Dealer Training Program must also be completed.

Getting help is important. Especially, when you are first starting out. You will need the help of a certified Bernina Sewing Machine Technician. He can help you solve the more complex problems. It is well worth a drive of a few miles to get help. Have an experienced technician diagnose and resolve complex problems with you. It can be a great learning experience.

Find out more about how to repair a sewing machine from Author David Trumble's sewing machine repair book as well as his sewing machine repair classes. Click here to down load Dr. Trumble's free sewing machine repair beginner's course.


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Lisa Williams said...

can you tell me where I can purchase pinning tools for my bernina 180..
I would like to do my timing adjustment and need the pinning tools
thank you