Friday, February 6, 2009

Servicing Janome Sewing Machines

Did you know that the New Home sewing machines were actually Janome machines sold in America?

That is right. Today, the same company sells their sewing machines under the Janome brand.

You can find New Home Sewing Machine Repair Technicians all across America who have been trained and certified by Janome America in New Jersey.

New Home Sewing Machine Repair is available at regional repair centers for mail in warranty service.

In most large cities, you can contact independent sewing machine dealers who represent Janome and provide repair services. Janome works with about five hundred of these local sales and service centers.

New Home and Janome Sewing Machine Repair and parts are usually available through these service centers.

If you would like to become a Janome dealer, contact Janome of America in New Jersey. They have an automated request line where you can leave your name and contact information. The district sales director for your area will contact you with all the details of how to become an authorized sewing machine dealer for Janome.

You might consider learning how to do Janome sewing machine repair as a cost saving hobby or to open your own profitable business. You can discover sewing machine repair as it relates to Janome machines, by applying to become an authorized dealer and completing their training in New Jersey. By taking a sewing machine repair course or reading sewing machine repair manuals, you can discover without having to travel. A third, way you could learn Janome sewing machine repair is to work under a local sewing machine technician in their shop.

Janome is the largest manufacturer of sewing machines and has literally millions of models in use today. These machines may carry the brand name Janome, New Home, Kenmore, or a dozen other names. Learning how to repair Janome machines opens up a vast world of machines that you can repair.

How many different kinds of Janome machines are there to learn if I want to repair them? Thousands. Janome has made every conceivable type of sewing machine including treadles, mechanicals, electronic machines, and fully computerized sewing machines. They have made oscillating hook machines and rotary hook machines. When you know Janomes you really pretty much know most sewing machines.

Recently, Janome International completed their 50,000,000th sewing machine. The sheer volume of New Home and Janome sewing machines makes New Home Sewing Machine Repair a huge opportunity.

Contact your local Janome dealer to get professional sewing machine service. Or, learn to do your own sewing machine service and save hundreds of dollars every year. Or, master Janome sewing machine repair and launch your own profitable sewing machine repair business. The more you know about your sewing machine, the more you will enjoy using it.

Dr. David Trumble is an expert sewing machine technician who has authored many helpful sewing machine repair manuals. He reveals common items and brands as well as hard to find issues like the 6460 sewing machine repair manual. Pick up your free copy of his beginner's course here - Sewing Machine Repair.


Pam Rogers said...

I have a Janome 8512 that I am having trouble getting the cover off.... I got nearly all of it figured out but in the front on the left hand side there is something that is keeping the cover from coming off.... is there a hidden screw I am not seeing?

Thank you
Pam Rogers

Pam Rogers said...

correction..... Janome 5812 :-)