Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To Repair Bernina Activa 130

BERNINA Activa 130

The Bernina Activa 130 is a popular and in many ways classic Bernina sewing machine.  Historically, the Bernina line has proudly used an oscillating hook system known as the CB Hook.  In an oscillating hook system, the hook is set to the left of the needle and moves from left to right behind the needle picking up the thread loop.  It draws the upper thread around the bobbin case containing the bobbin wrapping the upper thread around the lower thread.  Then hook retraces its way back to the original position to the left of the needle.

Above you can see the hook in the center.  Notice that it is shaped like a half moon.  The bobbin is inserted into the bobbin case shown on the right.  Another feature of the BERNINA line is its heavy duty presser foot series. 

With covers off you can see just how rugged its internal skeleton is.  Antique sewing machines commonly had an outer skeleton casting with parts inserted inside, but modern sewing machines usually have an internal skeleton or frame.  Parts are attached to this frame giving the machine great strength and stability.

Modern computerized sewing machines replace many of the gears, levers, and AC motors used in mechanical machines with electronics and DC Pulse motors.  This gives the user a much quieter sewing experience with far better control over the entire sewing process.  When repairs are needed on the computer side, it generally requires replacement of boards, motors, switches, and fuses.  Attempting to repair computer boards is not advisable.

This machine required replacement of small flat 12 volt bulb, and one of the two fuses on the power board.  Other possible parts commonly replaced include the timing belt, drive belt,  and power cord.

Older BERNINA sewing machines are fairly straight forward to work on, however, the newer more advanced machines are very complicated and should not be attempted by a novice.  If you have a BERNINA from the Artista series, it is best to have an experience BERNINA technician available.

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ALITEH said...

Pleace help mi what the value (MOV 1) in power board?

Unknown said...

I'm struggling to put the hole case behind the hook back as it was, so that the thread could go around the bobbin as it's sepose to, because I unscrewed everything. Will you please help me.

ALITEH said...

Send mi picture i not unerstand you

Jeremiah said...

Can you provide the resistor value for R19 on the Lprint power board? Your pic's angle is just off enough to where it's just enough to hide the resistor . Thanks